Thursday, March 5, 2015

Welcome to Sustainable Egypt!

Photo Location: Western Desert oasis village of El Heiz.  Photo Credit: Starr Brainard  (click on photo to enlarge it)

Welcome to Sustainable Egypt, the blog of The Directory of Environmental Organizations and Environmental Government Agencies in Egypt.  The purpose of this blog is to provide information on sustainability, environmental and conservation issues in Egypt, and to also be a fun blog to look at.  My name is John Brainard and I'm the editor of the blog.  My niece, Starr Brainard, is living in Cairo for the third time in her life and she provides photos, some data & links, and may even write some posts for this blog.

Now to get started, bicycling is one of the most sustainable means of transportation, and my favorite video of biking in Egypt is this video of cycling through downtown Cairo in 2010.  If you don't think that cycling is exciting, this video will definitely change your mind.

Click on link below if video doesn't function.